The “Confined Boater’s Daily”: Switching to motor after 45 years of sailing

After several decades of sailing, Stéphane finally “converted” to motorboating eight years ago, and enjoys flotilla rides with the Verado Club as much as solo sailing.Question 1: How long have you be…I have always sailed on sailing yachts, always bought second-hand in different versions, keelboats, ballasted dinghies, catamarans, etc. It is difficult to reconcile one type of boat with a sailing programme. Finally, we converted to a motorboat in 2012, which is best suited to our day-to-day sailing and which, thanks to its speed, allows us to extend our range.I’ve just changed boats and my new boat a Quicksilver 755 Open replacing a 675 Open of the same make is waiting to be prepared in its cocoon on a rack at the dealer’s. We mainly sail as a couple, family and with friends in the bay of Quiberon and in the Gulf of Morbihan with a sailing area from Lorient to La Rochelle.

Douglas Ruiz, 52, outspoken drama student

Douglas is an outspoken drama student who is addicted to Oxford. He always wears black trousers. He comes from a broken family. He is particularly interested in escaping from hospital.